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"Nursing English" for Diakonie-Klinikum Stuttgart

Ten Tuesdays, high learning effect, much fun!

Can you translate the following sentences?

„Falls Sie jetzt gehen müssen, dann machen wir einen neuen Termin mit Ihnen aus.“
„Ich habe starke Schmerzen in der Brust.“
„Bitte gehen Sie runter zur Pforte.“

We, nurses from the internal emergency ward and out-patient department, learned the English language at school, but we didn`t learn medical English, so-called “Nursing English”.

When we work in hospital we often have to care for patients from foreign countries who don`t speak or understand the German language. One of our colleagues addressed this problem Mr. Rühle, the boss of the hospital. He took up this thought and he decided that it would be great idea get our English knowledge improved.

In the meantime, we have met each other ten times for 1 ½ hours with Claudia Maniscalco, our teacher. She taught us special words and phrases, we translated the health anamnesis, we watched short videos and talked about how to eat healthy and other lifestyle topics, and we did different exercises of different school books. Most important and interesting, we had the opportunity to discuss our daily work and the current needs. As we were only 5 persons in that course, we could perfectly ask and talk about the things we deal with in our job.

Time has gone too fast and we enjoyed our lessons very much. We have learned a lot of new words and idioms.

Now we feel more comfortable with the English language and we are not afraid anymore when people from other countries come to our ward with heart attacks or broken legs etc.

We thank Claudia Maniscalco – she is a wonderful teacher – and of course we thank Mr. Rühle who gave us the opportunity to join some nursing English lessons at EBZ.

The picture shows the participants of the first course: Anna Hitzfelder, Sonja Margelowski, Martina Otterbach, Günther Schumacher, Brigitte Walcher and the teacher Claudia Maniscalco.

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